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Custom Puzzle

Custom Puzzle

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Create a unique and fun gift by turning your favorite picture into a puzzle.

If you are looking for a way to make your family night more personal and fun, you might want to try custom puzzles from Custom Puzzle Shop. You can create a unique gift for the holidays or any occasion with your own photos, messages or designs.

You can upload any image you want and choose the size and shape of your puzzle. We have three options for you: 100, 500, or 1000 pieces. We will then create a default design for your puzzle, with your image in the center and a simple border or background color. Your puzzle will be printed on glossy cardboard pieces that are durable and easy to assemble. It will also come with a matching box that shows your puzzle design.

Your family and friends will love the surprise and enjoy the challenge of a classic game. Custom puzzles are a great way to show your creativity and personality. You can also use them to showcase a special moment, a funny quote, or beautiful scenery.

Custom puzzles are not only fun, but also meaningful and memorable. They are perfect for family nights, birthday gifts, or just a way to enjoy your favorite photos. To start creating your custom puzzles, visit our website today and upload your image. We will take care of the rest and deliver your puzzle to you in perfect condition.

Please read the information below carefully:

Each of our puzzles are sized with a ratio 1:1.5. If the picture you uploaded has a larger or different ratio, we will need to crop the image to fit the size of the puzzle. The sizes are below:

  • 2000 pieces = 100x70cm (39x28in)
  • 1500 pieces = 87x57cm (34x22in)
  • 1000 pieces = 75x50cm (30x20in)👍
  • 500 pieces = 52x38cm (20x15in)
  • 300 pieces = 38x26cm (15x10in)
  • 200 pieces = 35x25cm (14x10in)

The ideal size of the image should be over 1MB.

It's time to entertain and connect, Custom HD Printed Jigsaw Puzzle with your favorite photos on it allow you to be unique and creative!

  • Premium quality and environmentally friendly materials selected to make sure of its strength and healthiness.
  • Great gift idea for pet, family, birthday, and special occasions.
  • 6 sizes available to choose.
  • Free Packaging.
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